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What’s a Spider’s favorite holiday?

Spooky season may be a little different this year, but we can still share our Spider Pride. Happy Halloween
Championing a healthy democracy
During this election, the Center for Civic Engagement is cultivating spaces to consider critical questions about what makes a healthy democracy in a series of discussions and dialogues.
Political science professor Ernest McGowen
Spider Talks Rewind
Shifting suburbs will change elections

Professor Ernest McGowen explains how race and expanding suburbs will affect voter behavior.

Melinda Yang
The Conversation
Analyzing ancient DNA
By sequencing the genomes of people who lived many millennia ago, scientists like biology professor Melinda Yang are starting to fill in the picture of how Asia was populated.
Planning for the spring semester
As we work together to help ensure the continued success of our fall term on campus, we are also actively planning for the spring semester.

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