Student Experience

You drive. We’ll help navigate.

We make sure your entire journey through Richmond is enriching — from the scholarly pursuits to the playful, and everything in between. You’ll find opportunities that speak to your interests, immersion experiences that redefine your horizons, incredible food both on- and off-campus, and so much more.

We’ve been told we’re great tour guides, so whether you’re still exploring or you have a definitive destination in mind, Richmond will help you find your way.

Students working together in the Humanities Building

Push Further Together

At Richmond, you’ll connect with your studies on a deeper level. As you work with peers and professors who share your passions, we blur the divide between academics and extracurriculars. 

Princeton Review's 2023 "The Best 388 Colleges" Guide
Smiling student hiking in the mountains.

The Limit Does Not Exist

Your academics should extend far beyond the classroom — and just how far is up to you. With learning opportunities on campus, off campus, adjacent to the city, and overseas, you direct how you engage with your studies.

Princeton Review's 2023 "The Best 388 Colleges" Guide
Students walking around and sitting on the grass of Westhampton Green.

You’ll Love Living Here

Spiders find a comfortable home in Richmond — both the University and the city. Whether catching up with hallmates over d-hall brunch, studying (or not!) in the library’s comfy chairs, or changing up the scenery along the riverside hiking trails, our students find it hard to be bored.

Princeton Review's 2023 "The Best 388 Colleges" Guide
Students lifting weights in the gym.

Whatever You Need, We Got You

You’ll find a wealth of support and services at Richmond. From our brand-new Well-Being Center to various groups that nurture what’s within, you’ll enjoy a multitude of ways to take care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit.


"Best Student Support and Counseling Services"
The Princeton Review