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First-Year Seminars introduce students to academic inquiry and the modes of expression that lie at the heart of a liberal arts education.First-Year Seminars
Celebrating Inclusivity

Leaders who helped establish UR's Safe Zone program reflect on the 20 years since it was established to educate members of the community about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) issues and to create a network of allies who help create a safe and inclusive community.

Jonas Checks in at Boatwright Before fleeing the big storm, the University of Richmond communications team put a GoPro in a window in Puryear Hall and let it run in time-lapse mode, six photos per minute. They were amazed by what they found back at work — 26,000 frames later.
UR Summer Fellowships
Last year, more than half of our 500 UR Summer Fellows got an early start on their post-grad plans with a summer internship or research opportunity — 35 percent of fellows were sophomores and 17 percent were first-year students. Applications for 2016 are open now.
More recent fellows
Ken Anderson, '17 Ken Anderson traced his roots back to before the Civil War Read Story
Minion Master

Dave Rosenbaum, ’96, is thriving in Hollywood, thanks to the minions — yes, those minions.

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Finding Home Again In 12 years of education, I’ve written pages upon pages about countries I’ve never been to, molecules I cannot see, and historical figures from a past I’ve never known. Why is it so hard to write about myself? Read Story
Ted Royer has an Idea
Experts say you see around 5,000 ads and brands every day. Most you never even notice or immediately forget. The job of adman Ted Royer, R'89, is to make the ones you'll remember. But there's more he wants, too.
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Thinking Like a Humanist In the new Undergraduate Humanities Fellows Program students seeks to understand human life in its many forms, from philosophical knowledge to artistic expression to political structures. Read Story
Aisha Farooq, '17 An SSIR and an internship funded by a Civic Fellowship set student on a path toward helping those who are vulnerable. Read Story
Richmond Region Tourism
Richmond Region Tourism
The River City
Explore the City of Richmond
Christian Voto, '16 Pre-med and business student helps coordinate first government-approved drone delivery of medication during a rural health clinic. Read Story
Caroline Utz, '17

Shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are changing the formula for political satire. Caroline Utz took note, and she's studying how the format shapes perceptions of leadership and invites citizens to engage rather than idly mock a broken system.

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The Science of Changing Lives “When people see that they are not alone, and are part of a community, people engage in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. It brings people together.” Read Story
Sugandh and Surabhi Gupta, '16 Seniors choose a major in classics to pursue their love of languages Read Story
Do bike-share programs reduce automobile pollution?

One of economics professor Tim Hamilton’s interests is the environment. He has found the opportunity to spend his time researching issues that are of personal importance to him, while also being applicable to a larger audience.

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Cassandra Ceballos, '17 Being the only full-time intern at a grassroots organization offered Cassandra Ceballos, ’17, a growing number of opportunities. Read Story
Students offer trademark resources to entrepreneurs

On a Monday night in November, a dozen start-up business owners gathered in downtown Richmond for an introduction to trademark law.

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Sam Bell, '17 As a religious studies major, one would assume Sam Bell's research had some connection to the field. Instead, he spent his summer studying ESB construction of bent functions in conjunction with math professor James Davis. Read Story
Christina Annas, '16 Senior combines her background in math with computational chemistry, theorizing new types of organic molecules. Read Story
Study abroad is an essential part of a Richmond education — two-thirds of students study abroad at more than 75 partner institutions.Study Abroad
Hannah Maddy, '16

Words like blood and pain may not sound like much of a love poem, but as Hannah Maddy found, they often hold the keys to understanding an ancient civilization.

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Passport to American History University of Richmond President Emeritus Edward L. Ayers discussed Thomas Jefferson's legacy with domestic and international students during a recent visit to Monticello, the first field trip offered through Passport to American History, a joint initiative of the CCE and the OIE. Read Story
Masnoon Majeed, '16

Masnoon Majeed, ’16, wanted to write a novel that could capture life in his native Pakistan. A UR Summer Fellowship gave him the time and space to find his voice.

Aaron Brown, '16 At the top of Aaron Brown’s college bucket list? Perform in a music video. Read Story
Julie Riley With 20 years of experience in finance, Julie Riley was far from the path she’d first envisioned for herself, and yet she’d at last circled back to the move she’d been delaying: going back to school. Read Story
They'll Always Have Paris
A semester abroad is difficult for a student-athlete whose season runs from November to March. But Richmond values international experiences for all, leading the women’s basketball team to spend time playing and team-building in Europe.
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Santiago Espinosa, '17

Biology student researched tumor suppressors at Boston Children’s Hospital through prestigious HHMI internship

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Hannah Cassatly, '16 Leadership studies major publishes paper on group dynamics she observed during her internship with a palliative care practice. Read Story
Christopher Miller, '17 Christopher Miller, ’17, found the opportunity to blend his majors in film studies and philosophy, politics, economics and law as a production intern with international news broadcaster Voice of America.

The Richmond Guarantee

Every undergraduate student is eligible to receive a fellowship of up to $4,000 for a summer internship or faculty-mentored research project.

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