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Students from more than 70 countries come to study at Richmond, while two-thirds of domestic UR students study abroad at more than 75 partner institutions.International Education
Louise Andersson, '15 Taking a leap of faith on an internship abroad can be both nerve-wracking and rewarding. Read Story
Sharon Lim, '16 Learning in and out of the classroom gives Sharon Lim, ’16, a deeper understanding of the challenges facing education equality. Read Story
One Richmond
It started last year with the men’s basketball team. The momentum carried it through the campus community. Now it's a rallying call for a campus bound together by its love for the institution. We are One Richmond.
Developing Skills and Networks Summer internships hone practical skills in real-world settings, but they also allow students to build their professional networks. This series will highlight four students who spent their summers interning in Richmond, Virginia. Read Story
Diane Gremillion, '16

An internship at Voice of America helped Diane Gremillion, ’16, refine her ultimate goal of working in human rights law.

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Charlsey Graham, '15 Senior’s interest in HIV/AIDS leads to global health internship Read Story
Rene Felt, '15 With the help of a UR Summer Fellowship, René Felt, '15, spent the summer creating a series of paintings that explore his American, Japanese, and German identities. Read Story
Shaquille Christmas, '15 When Shaquille Christmas, ’15, moved to Church Hill in the eighth grade, he never thought he’d feel at home. That all changed when he started working at Church Hill Activities and Tutoring. Read Story
Will Moss, '15 Leadership studies major is working with an organization that assists global leaders in societies struggling with conflict, reconciliation, and change. Read Story

Homecoming Concert Returns More than 1,200 students attended the Homecoming Concert featuring Sammy Adams. The Spider Board and the student governments of Westhampton and Richmond colleges partnered to bring back the tradition. Their work resulted in a sold-out show on Westhampton Green, a lot of enthusiasm, and, probably, some hoarse voices the next day.
Measuring Nanoparticles When measuring nanoparticles, the smallest discrepancy can mean a big error. Physics professor Matt Trawick and his student researchers are creating algorithms to correct for these tiny shifts. Read Story
Anna Sangree, '15
With the help of a UR Summer Fellowship, Anna Sangree, '15, was able to intern at Renew Richmond and Shalom Farms over the summer.
Sketching Guantanamo

“Psychologically, it was very intimidating to (go) into the courtroom and draw somebody, a person that’s a terrorist on that level, of that magnitude.” —Janet Hamlin, courtroom sketch artist, reflecting on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base 9/11 hearings at the opening of a University exhibition of her work

University Museums Exhibition
Nick Yeutter, '15 Senior Nick Yeutter successfully explores his interests in medicine and music at University of Richmond. “It was inspiring to realize the connection between my musical and premed endeavors,” Yeutter said. Read Story
Ukee Washington, R'80 The life of a news anchor is a busy one. But Philadelphia’s CBS 3 morning news anchor Ulysses Samuel “Ukee” Washington, R’80, has managed to fit in a side career as an actor, appearing in films and TV shows. Read Story
Laverne Cox Speaks at UR

Laverne Cox, a celebrated actress and transgender advocate known for her work on Orange is the New Black, spoke about her experiences as a trans* woman of color, as well as her work to move society beyond gender expectations so that all people can live more authentically.

Strategic Storytelling Tracy Doherty, GB ’10, joins The Richmond MBA as an adjunct instructor to teach MBA students the role and importance of strategic storytelling in the business world. Read Story
Parking Lot Project
Students are transforming parking spaces into public art as part of the Parking Lot Project. Mimi King, '15, and Anna Sangree, '15, talk about how the project disrupts the functional identity of the space and inspires conversation about land use.
Courtesy of Richmond Region Tourism
Courtesy of Richmond Region Tourism
With an abundance of visual arts, theater, and dance, Richmond is more than the political capital of Virginia — it’s also the arts capital.Explore the City
Growing Pains Senior Jen Swegan’s work with Shalom Farms uprooted and challenged her understanding of food justice. Read Story
Austin Gund, '15

As an intern for the Richmond chief of police, Austin Gund, ’15, sees the role of leadership in organizational operations, city management, and community relationship building.

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Celia Landesberg, '14 From starting a recycling program at her middle school to research working in the sustainability office at Richmond, Celia Landesberg, ’14, experienced a variety of opportunities in the field of sustainability. Read Story
The Eating Locally, Thinking Globally SSIR met with Soizic Ziegler, '09, farm manager at Tricycle Gardens. Students learned how the urban farm provides fresh fruits and vegetables to the community. The course, taught by Amy Treonis and Elizabeth Ransom, explores food systems and the influences that determine what, when, and how we eat.More Photos From the Visit
A Bright Spot “When I come here from India, I’m not just meeting people from the U.S. I’m meeting people from across the world.”

—Jay Tekwani, ’16, as featured on NPR
More from NPR
Sol Park, '15 A summer internship in Ghana introduced an international student to an even wider world. Read Story
Paige Schaefer, '15 When Paige Schaefer, ’15, traded a business major for a focus on arts management, she set her sights on testing every aspect of the field. Working at UR Downtown’s gallery space offered just the experience she was looking for. Read Story
Alex Duncan, '16 and Ben Strawsburg, '16 Juniors devise a summer research project to understand inter-male communication and suggest ways to improve it. Read Story
Amber Battle, '15 A summer internship with a Richmond-based production company gave this student-athlete a chance to explore her career interests. Read Story
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