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The Richmond Guarantee

What if ... ?

What if you had a guaranteed fellowship to spend a summer developing leadership programs in London or interning with a clean water initiative? What if you had funding to research women's healthcare trends, study malaria transmission in the Amazon, or train with professional dancers?

At Richmond, you will.

The Richmond Guarantee

Every undergraduate student is eligible to receive a fellowship of up to $4,000 for a summer internship or faculty-mentored research project.

How does it work?

More than 600 fellowships are available through eight programs, all under the umbrella of UR Summer Fellowships. Find your opportunity, make your case for how it fits your academic plans, and we'll help fund it.

UR Summer Fellowships
A guaranteed fellowship for one summer research or internship experience for every undergraduate
In 2014, over 300 fellowships were awarded, totaling over $1 million
Focus areas of UR Summer Fellowship awardees

Who Receives a Fellowship?

Students have received fellowships to pursue experiences such as creating a body of artwork, developing algorithms to correct images of nanoparticles, interning with local schools to understand current issues in education, working for the city police chief, and spending a summer in London researching the relationship between feminist movements, actresses, and fashion.

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