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Health and Safety

At the University of Richmond, we take a comprehensive approach the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

URWell, our wellness initiative, brings together the Student Health Center, Counseling and Pyschological Services (CAPS), and wellness education to offer holistic services in fitness, health care, nutrition, sex and relationships, stress and depression, sleep, and alcohol and substance abuse.

In addition, our safety programs go beyond the Campus Police, which provides law enforcement, as well as crime prevention efforts, community-building, and motorist assistance. They also offer training to student organizations and campus departments in areas like CPR, first aid, and self-defense. The Campus Loop, part of the University's transportation system, offers a continuous late-night ride to residence halls, the library, and other campus destinations.

Finally, preparedness efforts instill a campus culture of readiness for a variety of potential emergencies, while UR Alert ensures clear communication of critical safety information via text message, email and phone calls.