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SpiderBytes email digest to be reintroduced

Vice President for Communications John Barry announced that University Communications will reintroduce the daily SpiderBytes email digest. The return of the emails will complement the new, more robust SpiderBytes presence on the faculty/staff and current students webpages.

“We met as a team and decided that the daily SpiderBytes email is an important communication for some members of our campus community,” said Barry. “As a result, we have decided to reintroduce the SpiderBytes email digest while continuing to build out the faculty/staff and student webpages as specific and comprehensive resources for our on-campus community.”

The faculty/staff and student webpages continue to see strong growth in usage and will continue to offer a wealth of resources and information for those key audiences, in addition to serving as a permanent home for SpiderBytes. The SpiderBytes presence on the webpages has additional features, including the ability to easily view multiple days and search recent messages by keyword.

“It does not need to be an ‘either/or,’” added Barry. “We decided it can be a ‘both/and.’”

Barry said University Communications will work with Information Services to restore the daily emails by the end of the semester, with the exact date to be determined.