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Dr. Mariela  Méndez
Dr. Mariela Méndez
Associate Professor of Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Advisory Board Member

Dr. Méndez’s research engages comparative literary studies and feminist and queer theories to interrogate representations of genders and sexualities in print culture throughout Latin America. In particular, she addresses the various ways in which women writers have used the press to craft alternative spaces of cultural, aesthetic, and political intervention that disrupt heteronormative ideologies. She teaches at the intersection of Latin American Studies, Transnational Feminisms, Queer Theory, and Feminist New Materialisms. She is the author of Crónicas travestis: El periodismo transgresor de Alfonsina Storni, Clarice Lispector y María Moreno (Rosario: Beatriz Viterbo Editora, 2017), and co-editor of the books Escrituras a ras de suelo: Crónica latinoamericana del siglo XX (Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Universidad Finis Terrae, 2014), Un libro quemado (Buenos Aires: Editorial Excursiones, 2014), and Nosotras . . . y la piel (Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 1998). She is currently working on a book on the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector.

Grants and Fellowships
Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowship for Women Educators, 1998-1999.
J. William Fulbright Grant, 1998-2000.
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst

El Affair Moreno, Co-Editor. Buenos Aires: Editorial Mansalva (forthcoming).

Escrituras a ras del suelo: crónica latinoamericana del siglo xx, Co- Editor.  Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Universidad Finis Terrae, 2014.

Un libro quemado, Co-Editor. Buenos Aires: Editorial Excursiones, 2014.

Nosotras . . . y la piel, Co-Editor. Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 1998.


‘“Um “isto” que não chega a ser crônica’: Nuevos materialismos en la prosa de Clarice Lispector” [“‘This Something that Never Becomes a Chronicle’: New Materialisms in the Prose of Clarice Lispector”]. Cuadernos de Literatura (forthcoming).

“De crepusculares y garotas modernas: Las columnas travestidas de Alfonsina Storni y Clarice Lispector” [“Of Crepuscular Women and Modern Garotas: The transvestite columns of Alfonsina Storni and Clarice Lispector”].  Revista Iberoamericana (forthcoming).

“‘Só para mulheres (Just for Women):’ Alfonsina Storni’s and Clarice Lispector’s Transgression of the Women's Page.” Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 35.2 (Fall 2016): 413-437.

El Teje: Primer Periódico Travesti Latinoamericano, o de cómo resignificar cuerpos que hablen y militen” [“El Teje: Primer Periódico Travesti Latinoamericano, or How to Resignify Speaking, Militant Bodies”]. Letras Femeninas 42.1 (Summer/Fall 2016): 143-155.

"‘The Republic of Women:'  Notes Towards a Critical Assessment," Brújula, No. 4, University of California Davis, December 2005.


"Memoria, espacio y lenguaje en Rasgado de Lila Zemborain." Memoria e imaginación poética en el Cono sur (1960-2010). Ediciones Corregidor, 2015: 163-176.

“Aliadas e insurrectas: Las columnas femeninas de Alfonsina Storni y Clarice Lispector.” Redes, alianzas y afinidades. Mujeres y escritura en América Latina. Ediciones Uniandes y Universidad de Chile, 2014: 177-193.

Additional Publications

Encyclopedia entry: “El Teje (2007-2012).” Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History. Board Editors: Howard Chiang (editor in chief), Anjali Arondekar, Marc Epprecht, Jennifer Evans, Ross Forman, Hanadi al-Samman, Emily Skidmore, Zeb Tortorici.Gale (forthcoming).

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst
B.A., Instituto de Educación Superior Olga Cossettini, Rosario, Argentina
Contact Information
339 Carole Weinstein International Center
(804) 287-6043
Areas of Expertise
Latin American crónica
Southern Cone and Brazilian women writers
Transnational Feminist Theory and Practice
Gender and Sexuality Studies