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Dr. Lisa  Jobe-Shields
Dr. Lisa Jobe-Shields
Assistant Professor of Clinical Studies
Grants and Fellowships

2015: Fragile Families Summer Data Workshop Fellowship

2014 - 2015: Identification of the Mental Health and Parenting Related Needs of the Caregivers of Abused and Neglected Children, funded by South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research Center for Community Health (SCTR) Community Engaged Scholars Program (CESP).


2012: Director’s Award, Clinical Psychology, University of Memphis ($1,000)

2008: Departmental Service Award, University of Memphis

2007, 2008: Student Travel Award, University of Memphis (total amount: $950)

2006:  Student Research Award, Autism Special Interest Group, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy

2005: Psi Chi Service Award, Virginia Commonwealth University


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Jobe-Shields, L., Moreland, A., Costello, A., Jackson, C., Saulson, R., & Hanson, R. (2014, November). Parenting Posttrauma: Clinician-Reported Assessment, Treatment, and Referral Practices for Co-Occurring Traumatic Stress and Parenting Difficulties. Poster accepted for the annual meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Philadelphia, PA.

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Jobe-Shields, L. & Moreland, A. (2012, November). Engagement in parenting programs to prevent child abuse: Examining the role of negative parent-child communication. Poster presented at the Child Maltreatment Special Interest Group of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, National Harbor, MD.

Parra, G.P., Jobe-Shields, L., & Ronis, S. (2012, November). The assessment of family-related emotion socialization in the context of clinical practice with children and adolescents. In Expanding the toolbox: Using family assessments in clinical practice. Paper presented at the National Council on Family Relations, Phoenix, Arizona.

Jobe-Shields, L. (2012, June). Maternal responsiveness to negative emotions: A pediatric case example. Presented to Psychology Rounds, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN.

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Hanson, R.F. & Jobe-Shields, L. (in press). Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) for Children and Adolescents. In S. Gold & C. Dalenberg (Eds.) APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology.

Jobe-Shields, Lisa, Amanda Costello, Carrie Jackson, and Rochelle F. Hanson. "Evaluating Treatments and Interventions: What Constitutes 'Evidence-Based' Treatment?" In The Oxford Handbook of Treatment Processes and Outcomes in Psychology: A Multidisciplinary, Biopsychosocial Approach, edited by Sara Maltzman, 273-288. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

Ph.D., University of Memphis 2013
Clinical Psychology
M.S., University of Memphis 2008
Clinical Psychology
B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University 2006
Contact Information
G-06A Richmond Hall
(804) 287-6663
Areas of Expertise
Traumatic stress and child maltreatment
Emotion regulation
Emotion socialization
Community-based participatory research