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Dr. John  Gupton
Dr. John Gupton
Floyd D. and Elisabeth S. Gottwald Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Gupton's primary research interests involve developing new organic reactions that can be applied to the synthesis of bioactive compounds in agriculture and medicine. More specifically, he has studied for some time the preparation and reactions of novel vinylogous iminium salts as building blocks for the construction of highly functionalized heterocycles. In recent years this work has focused on the preparation of pyrroles by this methodolgy and the subsequent application to the synthesis of bioactive marine natural products which contain the pyrrole ring system.


2017 American Chemical Society Fellow

2008 ACS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution


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J. Gupton, "Pyrrole Natural Products with Antitumor Properties", Chapter. 2, pp 53-92  in "Heterocyclic Antitumor Antibiotics: Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol.2", Ed. by M. Lee, Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, 2006: ISBN # 3-540-30982-9.

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
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