Making Excellence Inclusive: University Report and Recommendations

July 2019

Dear Fellow Spiders,

I am pleased to share with you Making Excellence Inclusive: University Report and Recommendations. The recommendations in this Report advance our pursuit of inclusive excellence and focus on three priorities:

  • Representation: Continuing to recruit talented and diverse students, faculty, and staff to ensure our campus community reflects the rich diversity of our city, region, nation, and the world;
  • Belonging: Cultivating inclusive living, learning, and work environments in which all can fully participate in the life of the institution and experience a sense of belonging; and
  • Capability: Becoming a skilled intercultural community that enables and enriches an unparalleled academic experience.

The Report summarizes the work and ideas of colleagues across the University and is informed by insights gained from evaluating key data. Three university-wide, strategically connected committees engaged in important work to better understand Richmond’s past; coordinate our current thriving, inclusion, diversity, and equity (TIDE) efforts across campus; and plan for our shared future. You may access and review the final reports and corresponding recommendations of the President’s Advisory Committee for Making Excellence Inclusive (PAC), the Interim Coordinating Council for Thriving, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ICC), and the Presidential Commission for University History and Identity on this website.

I encourage you to read, explore, and consider how you can contribute to our shared goals and aspirations.


Ronald A. Crutcher