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This information is primarily focused on the spring and summer 2020 terms. For the latest information about the fall semester, please see our Fall 2020 Planning information.


Scheduling of Classes and Exams

Temporary Policies

  • Is there a revised registration schedule?

    Yes, registration will now begin on April 13. Advising week will now begin on April 6.

  • Is there an option for letter grades (A-F) or a Credit/No Credit-D/No Credit?

    Undergraduate students in A&S, RSB, and the Jepson will have the option to receive a standard letter grade (A-F) or to opt for Credit/Credit with a D/No Credit (C/CRD/NC) for each enrolled course. If a student earns a CR or CRD, they will earn a unit toward graduation for the course.  Grades of CR/CRD/NC will not affect a student’s grade point average. Those who opt for a standard letter grade would have those grades count as usual in their GPAs. See the full information on these policies.

  • What is the deadline opting letter grades (A-F) or a Credit/No Credit-D/No Credit?

    Students may choose Credit/Credit with D/No Credit until the last day of classes, Friday, April 24, 2020 at 5:00 pm EDT.

  • Are there new withdrawal deadlines?

    The withdrawal deadline has been extended. Undergraduate students in A&S, RSB, and Jepson may now withdraw from a course until Friday April 24, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. The transcript will note the withdrawal with a ‘W’.

  • Are there changes to I/M/V grades?

    For the spring 2020 semester courses only, I/M/V grades will not be permitted for undergraduate courses offered in A&S, RSB, and Jepson.

  • Are there changes in General Education credit for summer school at UR?

    For students who may be planning to enroll in summer school at the University of Richmond, courses offered for A&S, RSB, and Jepson students during summer 2020 that are approved for general education credit will count toward general education requirements regardless of the format of delivery (i.e., in person or online).

  • What are the plans for summer classes, research, and internships?

    Summer Residency: Courses and Research

    All Summer II course instruction will be conducted remotely. We realize that this decision also affects the planned research projects of many students and faculty that are so important in our education and scholarship. We regret that in-person research opportunities will not be possible this summer. 

    Students who were planning to participate in faculty-mentored research on campus after June 15 should consult with their faculty research advisor about the possibility of deferring their award to summer 2021. Students who have begun their research remotely and had planned to be on campus for research later in the summer should consult with their faculty research advisor to determine if the project will conclude or remain online. 


    Students who are interested in pursuing University-sponsored internships with external employers and organizations may apply for a UR Summer Fellowship by Monday, June 1, at 5 p.m. Remote internships may begin as soon as the fellowship is awarded. In-person internships are permitted to begin as early as June 15, contingent on compliance with local public health guidance and the availability of opportunities with external employers and organizations; students may only pursue a University-sponsored in-person internship in their home community or in Richmond. For Richmond-based internships, on-campus housing will not be available. Please direct questions to ursf@richmond.edu.

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