Academic Life

The University of Richmond is known for dynamic instruction in small classes organized around robust discussion, group problem-solving, and personal faculty attention. In our planning, we have sought to preserve these hallmarks of a Richmond education while making necessary adjustments to conform to public health guidance to promote health and safety.

Classroom Spaces and Scheduling

To support the health and safety of our community, many classes will take place in larger spaces, and some courses have moved partially or fully remote. Because of the limited number of large spaces available for classroom use, some classes have also changed the time at which they are offered or the building in which they typically meet. Face coverings and physical distancing will be required for both faculty and students in all classrooms.

Health Accommodations

Classes taught by faculty who have health concerns will only be offered remotely. Our faculty, where possible, will offer classes simultaneously in-person and remotely for students who are high risk for COVID-19 and wish an accommodation or need to be out of class due to illness or quarantine. Students who are high risk for COVID-19, as defined by the CDC, may request an accommodation by completing the University’s request for disability accommodations.

Modes of Learning

Faculty are spending the summer preparing for your arrival and carefully considering the best way to deliver an outstanding learning experience under the constraints imposed by the current health situation. There are some subjects and approaches that cannot be accommodated in existing spaces given physical distancing guidelines (e.g., some labs) or that are not suited to the new spaces/safety guidelines (e.g., some language instruction), and these classes will be taught partially or fully remote. But all of our courses, no matter how they are delivered, will retain the hallmarks of a Richmond education — interactive, student-centered, and personal. In addition, our student support services — such as student involvement, career services, academic skills, counseling and psychological services — will be in full operation.   


Registration for returning students will begin on Monday, July 20, and will follow the registration rotation schedule. During this registration period, students may register for up to 5.5 units. Students may view the updated schedule of classes and their current schedule, which include courses for which they previously registered, on BannerWeb beginning Wednesday, July 15.

As noted, a number of classes had to be moved to meet physical distancing guidelines. Some classes have been moved online as well; these classes will be marked in BannerWeb. Students will need to review their schedules for potential time conflicts due to these changes and be prepared to rectify the conflicts during the registration period. See additional information and instructions.

Registration for first-year students will begin on August 3. See additional information about registration and course selection for new students.