Custom Templates

On occasion you’ll need a flyer or poster for your area’s needs that’s not already readily available. For these instances, a suite of Many Spiders, One Web themed custom templates were developed. Please do not make your own signs without approval.

To order a custom flyer or poster:

  1. Review existing campus signs to confirm one will not fit your needs.
  2. Review the Language Guidelines below.
  3. Choose the sign type that best fits your signage needs.
  4. Click the Order link under the appropriate sign type and complete the order form, where you will also provide your proposed sign copy.
  5. A member of the Health Promotion & Compliance Committee will review your proposed copy.
  6. You will be notified with a proposed language revision or notified by the Print Shop when your order is ready for pick up.

Custom sign language guidelines:

  • Keep your proposed sign copy as brief as possible.
  • Use language and instructions that align with CDC guidelines (i.e. use the most up-to-date lists of symptoms from the CDC; when referring to COVID-19, use correct terminology; etc.)
  • Do not adjust copy once it has been approved without re-submitting for consideration.

All signs will be paid for by the COVID-19 budget. Please be mindful when evaluating your department’s needs and work with others in your building to ensure that only necessary signage is ordered.

When posting flyers and signs in your area, please try not to damage walls, appliances, furniture, etc.

  • Use bulletin boards where possible.
  • Approved wall adhesive will be available at the Print Shop during order pick-ups.

Please remember to be mindful of the environment!

  • Many signs can be used throughout all stages. Reducing the amount of printing will save money, conserve manpower, and reduce waste.
  • You are encouraged to recycle non-laminated paper signs when you are done with them.
  • Plastic yard signs can be recycled (just the plastic, not the metal or wood stakes), so when you order new outdoor signs, please reuse your stakes.

If you have questions, please contact the Campus Print Shop at 804-289-8525 or

Custom long message

Custom long message
Sign types available: flyer / poster


Custom short message

Custom short message
Sign types available: flyer / poster