Summer 2021 Opportunities

The information below reflects our best current thinking related to COVID-19 planning and builds on what we learned in the fall semester. All summer activities are contingent on the future course of the pandemic and evolving health and safety protocols.

Summer School

Summer school courses will be available to students in summer 2021. The schedule can be found here.

Most courses will be offered in a remote format. There may be a few in-person course offerings; however, these will not be hybrid, so students who are studying remotely may not enroll for in-person courses. General education credit will be available for remote courses that meet the University’s general education curricular requirements.

Study Abroad

Summer study abroad will not be offered in 2021. A few courses offered by the University for the summer of 2021 may include a short international travel component. Weinstein grants for individual international travel may be possible even if that travel has other sources of funding (internships through the Richmond Guarantee, for example). Please contact the Office of International Education for more information.


There will be opportunities for in-person faculty-mentored research on campus. Interested students should consult with their faculty research advisor. Please see below for campus residency information. Remote research opportunities will be available in the summer, particularly for students living and working in the United States. Remote research opportunities may also be available for students living and working abroad; however, due to regulatory considerations, related compliance issues must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. The Controller’s Office will collaborate with the schools to address issues associated with any research applications from student researchers planning to work outside the United States. The deadline to apply for a UR Summer Research Fellowship is Feb. 23 at noon. Applications for research are currently being accepted.


Students who are interested in pursuing University-sponsored internships with external employers and organizations may apply for a UR Summer Fellowship by an initial deadline of April 9 at 5 p.m. In order to provide students with more time to find an internship, students may also submit an application by a second, rolling deadline of June 4 at 5 p.m. Students are encouraged to pursue remote internships where possible. Where it is appropriate based on local conditions, in-person internships will also be permissible, contingent on compliance with local public health guidance and the availability of opportunities with external employers and organizations. Applications are currently being accepted. Please direct questions to

Campus Residency

Students eligible to live on campus this summer include those students who are:

  • enrolled in an in-person summer school class
  • participating in person in URISE or Bridge to Success
  • doing in-person faculty-mentored summer research
  • participating in person in a University-sponsored internship in Richmond
  • engaging in athletics activities as student-athletes

Adherence to all campus health and safety protocols, which may require COVID-19 testing, will be required for all students in residence. Additional information about summer housing and policies can be found here. Transitional and extended stay student housing will be available by application this summer.

Health and safety protocols for summer will be based on the circumstances at the time and will be adjusted as circumstances require. We anticipate at this time that if students leave campus after spring semester they will need reentry testing for any summer residency or in-person classes, research, or work.