Studying Remotely in Spring 2021

We are grateful to have reconvened our academic community in-person in the fall, and are committed to helping every student continue to make academic progress, whether or not they are able to be in residence in spring 2021. Students who wish to enroll in classes remotely for the spring 2021 term may do so by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

The deadline to request remote study for spring is October 30, 2020.

Students in the School of Arts & Sciences, Jepson School of Leadership Studies and Robins School of Business

Registration for Spring 2021 classes will begin Monday, November 9 and will follow the registration rotation schedule. Students may view the Spring schedule of classes on BannerWeb beginning Wednesday, October 28.

Students who plan to study remotely may enroll in courses that are scheduled for either online or in-person instruction, but are strongly encouraged to select courses that will be offered fully online when possible. Online classes are identified in BannerWeb as "Online" in the section noting the location of the classroom.

Students enrolled remotely must plan to attend all of their courses remotely during the scheduled class meeting times, i.e. synchronously. Students studying remotely should not register for classes scheduled at a time during which they will be unable to participate from their home time zone.

Grading will follow the standard grading format offered during the traditional term.

Students studying remotely are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to plan a schedule that is most effective for remote study. Students facing particular challenges in developing a workable schedule for remote study should contact the representative associate or assistant dean of their home school listed below. Students who have not yet declared a major should contact the associate dean listed for Arts & Sciences:

Remote study students in Arts & Sciences, the Robins School of Business, and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies who complete their request to study remotely by the deadline of October 30, 2020, will have priority registration into online classes for spring 2021. In addition, students who are studying remotely from three or more time zones away will have priority registration for all spring 2021 classes. Priority registration will occur by class year and will follow the registration rotation schedule.

Additional registration information and instructions may be found here.

New First-Year Students

We are excited to welcome first-year students who deferred their admission. New first-year students beginning in January are particularly encouraged to begin their studies in-person. First-year students who are unable to get to campus or do not wish to study in-person in spring 2021 may begin their studies as remote students by completing the remote study request by October 30.

First-year students have been assigned academic advisors and will participate in advising during the week of November 2. Registration for first-year students will follow the registration rotation. Some courses for spring 2021 will be offered fully online, and students who plan to study remotely are encouraged to select courses that will be offered fully online when possible. Online courses often utilize Zoom; students in these courses will need a computer with camera and audio, reliable internet access, and the ability to access Zoom. Students should plan to attend any course in which they are enrolled remotely during the regular class meeting times, i.e. synchronously.

Students in the Law School, SPCS, and the MBA program

Please contact your school for advice in course registration for remote study:

Law School: Alex Sklut, Associate Dean of Students

SPCS: Gretchen Flynn-Morris, Director, Strategic Management SPCS

MBA: Amanda Ennis, Program Manager

International Students

Our students who live abroad are facing particular challenges with international travel restrictions to the United States. International students on a non-immigrant visa who wish to study remotely should contact International Education for advising before submitting a request for remote status.

First-year international students who are non-US citizens must be located outside of the U.S. in order to study remotely. Students interested in this option are strongly encouraged to talk with their advisor about their plans to study remotely and choose courses carefully.

On-Campus Housing

Students who are studying remotely may not live on campus. Housing contracts for students who have assigned on-campus housing for spring 2021 will automatically be cancelled for the term once the request for remote study is submitted, and that room will be reassigned. Students who are remote in Fall 2020, and who wish to be housed on campus in Spring 2021 should fully complete the Spring Application available in the red bar in the StarRez portal by November 1. New first-year students are guaranteed on-campus housing and will receive information on their housing assignment by November 13 to their University of Richmond email address. All other students will receive their assignment information by November 20, as space allows.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for courses taken remotely will be the same as for study on campus. Undergraduate students who are remote will receive bills which do not include room and board charges. Any financial aid awarded will also be reduced to reflect the fact that the student will not be in residence.