COVID-19 Testing

The University is engaging a community health care provider to conduct COVID-19 testing and other services on campus during the 2020-2021 academic year. The provider has significant experience with COVID-19 testing and relationships with two separate testing laboratories, which will facilitate both adequate testing capacity and prompt reporting of test results.

Those with COVID-19 Symptoms and Close Contacts


Any student who triggers established screening criteria based on symptoms or is a close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual will be tested using a viral PCR test (or a rapid antigen test if available and effective).

The Student Health Center will refer students for such testing and symptomatic students will be placed in isolation space pending test results. The results of this testing will be reported to the Student Health Center, the Virginia Department of Health, and to the students who test positive. The Student Health Center will provide support for students in quarantine and isolation.

Faculty & Staff

Any faculty or staff member who has symptoms of COVID-19 or is a close contact of a COVID-19 positive individual will have the option to seek a clinical evaluation and testing through their own health care provider. For more information, see Testing for Faculty and Staff in the Return to Work Guide.

Testing for individuals identified as close contact of an infected person shall be conducted in accordance with Virginia Department of Health guidelines. The results of this testing will be reported to the University (with a signed authorization), the Virginia Department of Health, and to the individual who tests positive.

Prevalence Testing 

All non-remote undergraduate students will be required to participate in regular prevalence testing. This will take place in the former Student Health Center, located in the Special Programs Building

With the exception of student-athletes, who are required to be tested regularly under the testing regime mandated by the NCAA, we will test each student every two weeks. We will adjust the frequency of testing as conditions warrant during the semester.

Each student will sign up for a day and time for testing for the rest of the semester. The time and day you select for this first prevalence test will become your regular testing time for the remainder of the semester. Please note:

  • Student-athletes will be assigned a testing time by Athletics, consistent with NCAA testing protocols.
  • Students who are currently exempt from testing due to a positive test result in the last 90-days will also need to take part and will be notified identifying the first date they are expected to be present for testing. For these students, the time slot they sign up for now will be held for the entire semester.
  • We will continue to require prevalence testing for all undergraduate students taking classes in person this spring, even if they have been fully vaccinated. This vaccine FAQ on the CDC website provides additional information on how you can continue to protect the Spider community after you have been vaccinated.