Tips for Supporting New Health & Safety Norms

Six feet. Mask up. Protect our web.

Achieving broad compliance with our COVID-19 health and safety policies requires establishing and reinforcing new social norms. We can all play a role in supporting these new norms by speaking up when we see others not wearing masks or maintaining physical distancing.

Not everyone is comfortable speaking up, but for those of you who are willing to give it a try, here are some suggestions of what you might say regarding face coverings:

  • “Please mask up!”
  • “Sorry, but we are all required to wear our masks.”
  • “The University asks everyone to wear a mask when walking between classes.”
  • “Please pull your mask up.”
  • “I know it’s inconvenient, but please wear your mask.”
  • “You really do need to wear a mask here.”

Here are some suggestions if you see anyone not maintaining six feet of distance:

  • “Sorry, folks, but you cannot congregate in the hall.”
  • “Sorry, but you have to stay 6 feet apart, even outside.”
  • “I know it’s harder to socialize, but you do need to stay six feet apart.”
  • “Would you mind not gathering here? We all need to stay six feet apart.”

These suggestions are by no means a script, and you should feel free to address your fellow Spiders in the way you feel most comfortable. Remember: Six feet. Mask up. Protect our web.

Additionally, direct communication may not always be an option. If you wish to report concerns anonymously, please use this form or call the University’s Ethics and Compliance Helpline at 804-287-1800. (For immediate assistance with an emergency, please call URPD at 804-289-8911.) Our overarching goal with these tools is not to be punitive but rather to encourage and empower community members to preserve community health.