Our Shared Responsibility

We have always been a community of Spiders inhabiting a shared web that connects and sustains us all. That will never be truer than in the coming academic year. Each of us must do our part to take care of ourselves and one another — remaining flexible in ever-changing circumstances, adopting new norms, and adhering to public health requirements that will limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable among us.

This semester will be unlike any other, but the reward for embracing our shared responsibility will be great: a return to our treasured residential and academic community where all members can thrive.

The Healthy Web Community Compact 

Ensuring the health of the campus community is a responsibility we all share and will require a shared commitment from each of us as we modify the way we live, learn, and work together. We are many Spiders, within one web.

We are asking every student, faculty and staff member to sign the Healthy Web Compact to demonstrate their commitment to their individual health as well as the Spider community. Community is action: Taking care of ourselves, each other, and this place requires the full attention and daily dedication of everyone. Our community, the Web, needs every Spider to comply with University and public health guidance. This cooperation is essential to the continuation of the fall semester as well as the overall health of the Web and all Spiders.