Preparing to Return to Campus Fall 2020

Pre-Arrival Health and Temperature Monitoring

We want to make sure that students are healthy and well when they return to campus. As a result, all students must monitor their temperature and symptoms for at least 14 days prior to arrival on campus. The University shared information about the tool for tracking daily symptoms on July 30.

For your own health and wellbeing and that of other students, faculty, and staff, all students are asked to reduce potential exposure to COVID-19 by avoiding large crowds and gatherings, keeping a safe distance (at least 6 feet apart) from people outside your family unit, washing hands often and not knowingly coming into contact with a person who has been diagnosed with the virus for at least 14 days prior to returning to campus.

Any student who has symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to move in until they meet the following criteria:

  • No fever, defined as less than 100 degrees F, for at least 3 days (that is 72 hours of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers, such as Tylenol, Motrin, aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, etc.), AND
  • Other respiratory symptoms have improved (for example, cough or shortness of breath), AND
  • At least 10 days have passed since the symptoms first appeared or two negative COVID-19 PCR viral tests done at least 24 hours apart

If family members or persons assisting with move-in have experienced any of the above outlined symptoms, they are not permitted on campus.

Everyone is expected to follow CDC guidelines.

We will all have to adjust to new ways of socializing due to the importance of physical distancing. Staff in student life are committed to developing social activities that follow these health and safety guidelines. 

What to Bring and What Not to Bring to Campus

Students should make sure they bring the following items with them to campus:

  • A thermometer to conduct daily temperature screenings;
  • We will provide each student with two cloth face coverings, but students should also bring at least two with them;
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Fever-reducing medication;
  • Allergy medication (if necessary); and
  • Disinfecting cleaning supplies for rooms and private bathrooms.

In order to maintain physical distancing in student residences, students should not bring furniture or large items that will reduce floor space in rooms. For more information visit the Move-In Guide.