Residential Life

In addition to resuming on-campus instruction and safeguarding the health of our community, we also set a goal of safely housing as many students on campus as possible, given the University’s commitment to offering a meaningful residential education experience. After carefully analyzing whether our residence halls have the capacity to allow for necessary physical distancing, we have determined the University is able to offer its customary residential experience in a manner consistent with public health guidelines. All students who registered to live on campus this fall will be able to do so.

Room Assignments

  • In the majority of cases, students’ original room assignments will remain unchanged, since nearly all our rooms, apartments, and suites have sufficient square footage to allow for full occupancy under the physical distancing guidelines required for residential education.
  • We have, however, eliminated triple rooms and converted them to doubles, while also converting some additional rooms to singles.
  • The Residence Life and Housing Office will work directly with all students affected by these changes, as well as with students who had planned to study abroad in the fall and will now enroll on campus.
  • We are currently evaluating the opportunity for students who had intended to study abroad to reside in a nearby hotel. More information about these plans will be provided to impacted students in July.


In the event that any students contract COVID-19 during the semester, we have secured sufficient residential capacity for isolation and quarantine. These rooms will be on campus in modular units, not within residential buildings. The University will be there to ensure any affected students receive the proper care and support.