117 Days of Protecting Our Web

As the University of Richmond resumes the in-person, residential educational experience, it is the shared responsibility of the entire campus community — faculty, staff, and students — to follow important health and safety guidelines. The majority of UR students chose to return to campus, and meaningful remote learning opportunities are also available.

Wearing a face covering, physical distancing, and other important protocols will help us all stay healthy and keep our community safe, both here in Richmond and with our Spiders across the world. It will take all Spiders to respect this responsibility and protect our web.

We will start and finish the fall semester over the course of 117 days — Aug. 24 to Dec. 18 — only if our faculty, staff, and students understand, accept, and activate our shared responsibility. We are Many Spiders, One Web. 

Led by the University’s Health Promotion and Compliance Team, and engaging partners across campus, the campaign outlined below focuses on some of the most important aspects of our health and safety guidelines and five important milestones throughout the fall semester that we look forward to celebrating. Look for more information and specific details about how these achievements will be celebrated via SpiderBytes, emails, campus social media channels, and more throughout the semester.

It’s important to note that 117 days is just the beginning. While this initial goal focuses on a successful fall semester, our shared responsibility will continue on and off campus for the remainder of this academic year and beyond.

Milestone Dates 

September 18: Our Shared Responsibility

Six feet. Mask up. Protect our Web.

From Aug. 24, when classes begin, through Sept. 18, we will focus on our shared responsibility in keeping our campus safe and establishing our community’s social norms. For members of our community who are on campus, face coverings and physical distancing are required. Wearing a mask and proper distancing protects the entire web, not just you, and these actions showcase respect for our campus community.

October 9: Navigating Social Situations

Protecting your web protects our web.

Sept. 19–Oct. 9 will zero in on navigating social situations. Building on the importance of continuing our shared responsibility, wearing a mask, and physical distancing, we want our community to be able to engage in healthy and safe activities, including many virtual programming options that will be available on campus. The choices we all make in social situations will not only affect our own health, but also the health of everyone we come into contact with. 

October 30: Importance of Contact Tracing

It’s not just about you. It’s about all of us.

Oct. 10–30 will focus on the importance of contact tracing. The University of Richmond, working closely with the Virginia Department of Health, supports contact tracing efforts. Contact tracing slows the spread of COVID-19 by letting people know they may have been exposed to COVID-19, helping people who may have been exposed get tested, and supporting individuals with isolation if they have COVID-19 or quarantine if they are a close contact. Please pick up the phone when contact tracers call. We also strongly encourage you to download and use COVIDWISE, Virginia's COVID-19 exposure notification app. There is no shame in speaking up if you aren’t feeling well and alerting public health officials to your close contacts; in fact, there’s pride in protecting our web.

November 20: Being Thankful for Our Healthy Web

Many Spiders, One Web

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, when many of our students will leave our web a for the remainder of the fall semester, Oct. 31–Nov. 20 will focus on being thankful and showing gratitude for keeping our web healthy. By committing to the Healthy Web Compact we have kept our campus and each other safe. In-person education through Nov. 20 will have proven that commitment was taken seriously. Our community didn’t break our web; they made it stronger.

December 18: Carrying Community Home

Your Actions Make or Break Our Web.

From Nov. 21–Dec. 18, many of our students will be home for Thanksgiving break and will take their finals remotely before enjoying Winter Break. Completing 117 days of in-person, residential education will signal that we have all done our part in protecting our web. We will celebrate this major milestone and begin looking forward to the spring semester.