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Faculty Academic Support 

Will we continue with academic advising?

Yes. Advising meetings will continue for the remainder of the spring term. Please the Academic Advising Online – Advisor Resource and Guidelines for more information.

Is there a revised registration schedule?

Yes, registration will now begin on April 13. Advising week will now begin on April 6.

Scheduling of Classes and Exams
Does the undergraduate faculty need to make up the missed class time from the extended spring break?

No. However each unit of undergraduate instruction (A/B/J) requires 10-14 total hours of work per week including class time for the weeks in session. Law, SPCS, and graduate business faculty should follow the guidance of their Deans.

How long will the semester last?

The academic calendar will remain the same. The last day of instruction for undergraduates is April 24.

Can I alter the scheduled time I teach my class this semester?

Any on-line synchronous instruction should occur during scheduled class times to avoid conflicts students have with their other classes. Asynchronous class sessions are of course accessible according to student preference.

What is the final exam schedule?

Final exams are scheduled between April 27-May 8. Please hold you exams at the days and times they are now scheduled to avoid conflicts with other classes.

Temporary Policies
Is there a revised registration schedule?

Yes, registration will now begin on April 13. Advising week will now begin on April 6.

Is there an option for letter grades (A-F) or a Credit/No Credit-D/No Credit?

Undergraduate students in A&S, RSB, and the Jepson will have the option to receive a standard letter grade (A-F) or to opt for Credit/Credit with a D/No Credit (C/CRD/NC) for each enrolled course. If a student earns a CR or CRD, they will earn a unit toward graduation for the course.  Grades of CR/CRD/NC will not affect a student’s grade point average. Those who opt for a standard letter grade would have those grades count as usual in their GPAs. See the full information on these policies.

What is the deadline opting letter grades (A-F) or a Credit/No Credit-D/No Credit?

Students may choose Credit/Credit with D/No Credit until the last day of classes, Friday, April 24, 2020 at 5:00 pm EDT.

Are there new withdrawal deadlines?

The withdrawal deadline has been extended. Undergraduate students in A&S, RSB, and Jepson may now withdraw from a course until Friday April 24, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. The transcript will note the withdrawal with a ‘W’.

Are there changes to I/M/V grades?

For the spring 2020 semester courses only, I/M/V grades will not be permitted for undergraduate courses offered in A&S, RSB, and Jepson.

Are there changes in General Education credit for summer school at UR?

For students who may be planning to enroll in summer school at the University of Richmond, courses offered for A&S, RSB, and Jepson students during summer 2020 that are approved for general education credit will count toward general education requirements regardless of the format of delivery (i.e., in person or online).

What are the plans for summer classes, research, and internships?

For updated information on summer classes, research, and University-sponsored internships, visit the Interim Policies page.

What guidance is available on summer research?

Guidance on summer research is available here.

Teaching Resources
Whom should I contact in the Library for resources?

Faculty members who need books from the library should contact Cassandra Taylor Anderson. Additionally, the library is supporting the scanning of resources and texts for classes, and has provided a guide to online teaching: textbooks and resources.

Should students be required to purchase essential software or other required materials as a result of the transition to on-line teaching?

No. The University has institutional licenses for most specialty software. If additional resources beyond are required, please complete this request.

How can students access specialty software (e.g. SPSS, SAS, ArcGIS) normally available on campus computers while they are away from campus?

Information Services has compiled a list of licensed software that is available for use on student computers. Additional software will be added as it is made available.

Where can I find additional teaching support?

The Faculty Hub and Information Services are collaborating to provide pedagogical and technical support and consultations to faculty. Together they have developed a number of resources (technical FAQs, webinar recordings, etc.) that can be found at the Remote Teaching @ UR website.

Can I continue to employ students and, if so, under what conditions?
  • All student employment for the remainder of the spring semester must be approved and must be deemed necessary for the critical needs of the University during this period of remote instruction. Anyone wishing to employ a student who works remotely must submit the remote job request form.
  • With the exception of positions like Resident Assistants, students should not be working in person, even if they live in the Richmond area, as we continue to de-densify the campus.
  • In no case should a student be asked to volunteer to work without pay, or to work now for payment at a future date.
Does Zoom have accessibility tools built in?

Zoom does have built-in accessibility tools for students, including closed captioning, automatic transcripting, and screen reader support. Learn more at .

Will there be a summer study abroad program?

The University has cancelled all summer study abroad.

Can I travel for research, professional development, conferences, or other University-related purposes during the spring semester?

All non-essential University-sponsored international and domestic travel is cancelled, regardless of location until further notice. See the University’s Interim Policies for more information.

Professional Evaluation
How will the current situation affect Tenure and Promotion processes?

The provost and deans are aware of and discussing the T&P process given these very unusual circumstances and we do not want to rush an important decision. We have to deal with immediate pressing challenges, but are exploring the options and consulting with faculty on the best way forward on T&P.

Will the impact of moving to online instruction reduce the SEI weightings especially for untenured faculty?

SEIs from the spring 2020 semester will be primarily for developmental purposes and will not be used for merit or promotion and tenure purposes unless the instructor requests they be part of the record. Each school will decide how that process should work.

Student Support
How can students access the services of the Academic Skills Center such as peer tutoring?

The Academic Skills Center will be providing online peer-tutoring support during the Spring semester as we move to online instruction. Professional staff will also continue to provide academic and life skills support. We will be providing information on our website about how to make appointments.

How can students access the services of the Speech Center?

The Speech Center remains open and will resume practice appointments Monday, March 23. Appointments may be scheduled with student consultants by means of ZOOM. Students can reserve an appointment through the Speech Center.

How can students access the services of the Writing Center?

The Writing Center will resume writing conferences Monday, March 23. Writers may request a video conference or simply ask for written feedback on a draft. Please contact the Writing Center for more information.