Know the Code - Principle 2

Compliance with applicable, laws, regulations and policies

Members of the University community are expected to comply with all laws and regulations governing the operations of the University. The University recognizes that while legal and ethical behavior overlap, they are also distinct from one another. Accordingly, University community members are charged with following legal requirements, but always keeping sight of ethical considerations as well. The University is committed to sustaining a culture of trust, ethics, and compliance in which legal requirements are met and individuals are comfortable raising concerns to the appropriate individuals when they have a good faith belief that actions of individuals or an entity within the University community are not consistent with laws, regulations, policies, or standards. Finally, University leadership is committed to maintaining the community trust by ensuring appropriate actions are taken to resolve non-compliance.

UR community members are expected to:

Learn and follow the rules, laws, regulations, contracts, and University policies and procedures applicable to one's University's work or activities;

Complete all assigned compliance trainings on time

Be proactive to prevent and detect compliance violations;

Report suspected compliance violations by contacting their supervisor, a compliance partner found in the University Compliance Matrix, the Director of Compliance, or the Compliance Helpline (804) 287-1800.

Ensure that reports of suspected compliance violations within one's area of responsibility are properly resolved.

Examples of Prohibited Conduct

  • Failure to report known breaches of University policy.
  • Failure to follow up on reports of unlawful or non-compliant activities.
  • Violating applicable legal requirements.
  • Refusing to complete required compliance training.