Know the Code - Principle 1

Ethical and Responsible Conduct

The University relies on members of the University community to represent the institution, its mission, and values. Members of the University community are expected to conduct themselves according to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct. They should be fair and principled in their professional activities and in business transactions and should act in good faith when dealing with both internal constituents and external entities. 

UR community members are expected to:

Act with high ethical and professional standards of conduct

Be honest in performing one's duties, with no exceptions

Ask questions and request assistance when information is needed to properly perform one's duties

Be personally accountable for one's actions and admit mistakes when they occur

Be aware of the University's obligations toward all stakeholders

Conscientiously fulfill obligations towards all stakeholders

Communicate to others ethical standards of conduct and responsibilities under this Code of Ethical Conduct through instruction and example

Examples of Prohibited Conduct

  • Fabricate information.
  • Change or knowingly omit information to misrepresent events, circumstances, results or outcomes in relevant records.
  • Take credit for another's work or work product as one's own without permissions.
  • Misuse University funding or property.
  • Falsify a reimbursement request.