Know the Code - Principle 5

Responsible Conduct in Research

The University is committed to compliance with international and national standards for the protection of human and animal subjects of research. Members of the University community engaged in research and scholarly activity are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and to conduct all research in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and University policies.

UR community members are expected to:

Complete all assigned compliance training involving research and other scholarly activity

Propose, conduct, and report research with integrity and honesty;

Protect people and humanely treat animals involved in teaching or research;

Undertake human subjects research only in accordance with approved protocols;

Learn, follow, and demonstrate accountability for meeting requirements of regulatory bodies, sponsors, and partners;

Faithfully transmit research findings;

Protect rights to individual, University of Richmond and third-party intellectual property;

Ensure originality of one's work and provide credit for the ideas of others upon which work
is built;

Be responsible for the accuracy and fairness of information reported and/or published; and

Fairly assign authorship credit on the basis of significant contributions.

Examples of Prohibited Conduct

  • Failing to report known breeches of University policy.
  • Misrepresentation of research findings.
  • Plagiarism or taking credit for another's work.
  • Producing false or misleading reports for stakeholders or regulating bodies.