Protecting free speech.

Alec Greven is starting a conversation — and protecting everyone’s right to have one. The UR student’s interest in free speech goes well beyond his studies. He drafted and worked to formalize a policy on free expression that ensures all Spider voices are heard and respected.

We know your passions extend past the classroom. That’s why Richmond does everything we can to help you be everything you are.

It starts within you. See how Richmond helps bring it together.

Students walking up the staircase inside Queally Tower.

Majors & Minors

“Rigorous.” That’s the number-one word that students use to describe the Richmond curriculum. Explore our programs and consider where your talents, combined with the Richmond experience, can take you. You’ll see why the second most frequent response is “rewarding.”


"Most Innovative Schools"
U.S. News & World Report

Professor and student having a conversation in a library setting.

The Richmond Approach

Life is dynamic. Messy. Complex. There’s never just one right answer to a problem. A Richmond education will prepare you to approach challenges with a critical eye and use your talents to find a solution. As you do, you’ll gain experience to bring a richer understanding to the world around you.

"Best Classroom Experience"
The Princeton Review


"Most Accessible Professors"
The Princeton Review


Intellectual partners.

At Richmond, you won’t just learn from your professor. And you won’t just help your professor with a project or with their research. You will be an integral partner in making it all happen. Your teachers become your mentors, your supporters, and your confidants. And when you graduate, don’t be surprised when you have two, three, or more favorite professors who keep in touch with you long after graduation.

Two students sitting on the sand in Egypt in front of the pyramids.

Your Passport to the World

More than two-thirds of our students study abroad. Explore our many travel options and see why it’s no surprise that our Spiders are an international species.


"Most Popular Study Abroad Program"
The Princeton Review

A row of graduating students in caps and gown sitting proudly at commencement.


As soon as you get here, we help you draw connections to the things that build future success: mentorship, internships, research, and job opportunities. Our professional web stretches far and wide — and the Richmond Guarantee introduces you to endeavors that give your studies new meaning.