Mascot Redesign FAQs

Why are we redesigning our mascot?

The University community expressed concerns about our mascot — he wasn’t a strong representative of the University, he didn’t look like a spider, and he wasn’t intimidating. With the opening of the new on-campus E. Claiborne Robins Stadium, it seemed like the right time to give our mascot a makeover.

When did the process of redesigning our mascot begin?

Last spring University Communications and Athletics began discussions to redesign our mascot. The project committee and the selected design firm, Rickabaugh Graphics, met with student, staff, and alumni representatives for input and direction. In December, Rickabaugh Graphics presented multiple mascot concepts for consideration.

When can I vote for my favorite mascot design?

Voting will take place online from February 23 to March 4.

How many voting options are there to select from?

There are three voting options — you can select from two new designs or you can vote to leave him as he is today.

Can I vote more than once?

No. You may only vote once.

Why are we renaming our mascot?

The University recently learned the name “Spidey” is trademarked by Marvel Comics; therefore, we can no longer use that name.

How will the mascot’s new name be selected?

The University wants your input on our mascot’s new name. When you vote for the new mascot design, you can submit up to four suggestions for a new name. The mascot’s new moniker will be selected from the submissions.

When will the winning design be announced?

The winner will be announced in May.

When will the new spider be unveiled?

The new Spider will be revealed on June 4 to welcome alumni back to campus for Reunion.