Benefiting greatly from the influence of two arts-powerhouse universities—the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University—the Richmond area has a thriving arts scene somewhat out of proportion for its size.

The University's own Modlin Center for the Arts brings world-renowned performing artists to the community through shows on campus and downtown, dazzling our students and the city with some of the greatest musicians, dancers, and personalities of our time.

The Modlin Center and the University also sponsor some of the region's major arts events, including the French Film Festival, a partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University, and First Fridays, the monthly art walk in the downtown gallery district.

Richmond is home to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, one of the nation's top art museums, which offers art classes and organizes public events. The museum's many galleries house its impressive permanent collection as well as travelling exhibitions. The city also has dozens of art galleries that welcome the public regularly for events like Second Fridays (free art classes at the Visual Arts Center), and Fourth Fridays (at ArtWorks Studios and Galleries). Not a week goes by without some kind of opening.

For decades, performing groups including the Richmond Ballet, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Richmond Jazz Society, and Virginia Opera have staged professional productions for the community. In recent years, the arts community's commitment to meet the growing demand for professional performances led to the opening of Richmond CenterStage, a new downtown performing arts complex.

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